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Dien Rice
June 28, 2021, 10:56 PM
Hi Glenn,

I just wanted to add to what I wrote earlier (which you can read here (http://www.sowpub.com/forum/showthread.php?p=41978))...

(By the way, that's an awesome thread with Glenn's insights, worth reading fully!)

On the topic of what Gary Halbert called "grabbers"... One of the ways that people used to send "grabbers" in direct mail is they would tape or staple a one dollar bill, or tape a coin, to the top corner of a sales letter...

That means that the receiver was actually getting physical money!

As a result, the person was more likely to actually read the letter... (How often do you get real money in the mail? My answer, not as often as I'd like!)

Now, Glenn has done, of course, something analogous to this when he pre-tips people in a restaurant while he's having the meal - instead of after the meal as is usually done...

And the result is they give him more attention, often more food and drink, and he has better experience.

This is also applicable to other sales methods...

Now, can you do it with an email?

You can send money using PayPal, for example. (If I remember right, I think Glenn's tested that too!)

The main problem with that is PayPal will charge you... I think it's around 30 cents plus 2% or 3% interest in fees if you donate money to someone... So they take a big chunk of that already.

But there are ways being developed to do this with crypto-currencies where the cost is much, much lower...

Imagine getting a sales email - and as part of the email, you've got some free cryptocurrency money!

There are already developments relating to this, and I think we'll see more developments on this in the future...

Best wishes!


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