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July 20, 2021, 01:37 PM
Solopreneurs. One man, one woman bands. Making BANK.

It has become one of the most sought after Biz Ops of all time. I, being some sort of an expert on Biz-Op, still believe a big BOOM is coming for those who can teach others to bang their own drum...

much like a Todd Rundgren song:


There are millions out there ready to bang on their drums all day.

As long as it is making the moolah come in.

Ben Suarez is amazing in how he operates, I have never run across anyone like him...he works from HOME, rarely goes into the office, RARELY...and still makes bank letting others work for him.

I like that. Let others do the work. Although I would have massive headaches dealing with all the people who work for SCI.

So, he really shouldn't be called a Solopreneur, albeit, he is probably more that than the typical CEO big kahuna of a big company.

Harvey Brody, on the other hand, with a little help from family, IS the Solopreneur and in between these two examples...

there lies a whole ocean of others.

Almost weekly, I get email asking about 7 Steps to Freedom II, and there might be a couple of people who are more familiar with it, few want to share.

And the funny thing, is, ME, little ol me, has always had trouble understanding why and how Ben did not fulfill the ELECTRON selling boom, he wrote about in 1993.

He was a visionary. And 5 years later, one of his students, Marlon Sanders tested and had great results which he shared with us (I was writing the newsletter for Ben back then) and I saw the light.

Marlon has been phenomenal at selling electrons.

I've been ok, being lazier and more conscious of spending time.

But even the newbie just getting started, appears to be doing a better job than Ben and SCI at selling electrons. Maybe, some day, Ben will reread 7 Steps and see how he should take his own advice, but he does OK without selling electrons.

I think there are so many varieties of SOLOPRENEURS, and there could be millions of followers for each of their niches, whether they want to grow a business or to "outsource" (or insource as Ben does) some of the mundane work.

Many of you have been successful SOLOPRENEURS, and if you take just a little time to share with others, you may find yourself making more moolah than you ever imagined.

The NEXT BOOM has begun.

Gordon Jay

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