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July 20, 2021, 05:28 PM
Thanks Dien/Gordon,

Who do you know who would like To Get The Following Benefits:

A - You Get Your Top 3 Clients/Buyers to OWE You - 365 Days a year. (So You can call and get Advice, favors and discounts)

B - You Get Your top 5 or 10 Best Suppliers or Clients to REFER You Prospects
Equal to or better than they are. Over and over and over. With No Work or Effort by you. And the cost is Literally PEANUTS.

C - BIG BENEFIT - You Can Take Clients AWAY from other Sales people. Effortlessly. Almost 100% success Rate Reported by over 1000 Aussie Sales people. You Can Beat Up Your Competitors. You Win Contracts. Even if your prices are a bit higher.


My Personal Tests Were VERY Successful -

250 million is VERY VERY Conservative.


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