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Dien Rice
December 9, 2021, 07:52 PM
Hi Gordon,

Being your own boss, sometimes you're easier on yourself than you would be on an employee...

And sometimes you're much tougher!

I often find it helpful to remind myself that I have a bigger responsibility than just to myself...

I have a responsibility to my family...

...to my good friends (those who would help me, and have helped me, when I'm knocked down),

...and even to society at large...

It's not just about me... It's bigger than that...

For some reason, I often find that helps!

Thanks for sharing, Gordon!

Best wishes,


when you are a one man band?

Sometimes, the boss drives me nuts. So I have to have a meeting and tell him to cool his jets. OK, the meeting room is the bedroom where there is a full length mirror.

Sometimes, when we start the meeting, I get awed at how handsome, intelligent and worldly that guy is....until he picks his nose.

I do confess, he is right most of the time, but when he is wrong, its a doozy.

Anyhow, if you are facing a boss in the mirror, cut them some slack, they are, after all, only human, whether they think so or not.


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