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December 14, 2021, 10:41 AM
Every MAN made thing there is, and even some alterations to Nature...are the result of the IMAGINATION.
This month, Mark Manson has a newsletter about self help, self-improvement and I find myself in agreement, although I don't always...but

he says there are COACH people and DOCTOR people.

The Dr. folk want a cure. The Coach folk want ongoing support. How does this relate to imagination?

Everything we SEE, all cars, buildings, subways, freeways, glass, steel, cement all began as a thought in someone's mind. Seldom have been the advancements made by a self improvement guru. But often, by one of their followers who had an AH HA moment.

These types of books and works can be the catalyst for the AH HA and flashes of imagination. They can also be addictive, as are many marketing books, and many a man cave has a library shelf of GURUS on it, many KNOW all the methods, keys, secrets...but alas...

few apply.

Same with self improvement.


Hi Gordon,

Thanks - I didn't know about Anthony Norvell!

Looks like he wrote some popular books!

The power of the mind is a mysterious thing... I don't think we understand it fully yet... However, if you are able to use it to its full potential, I believe there's no stopping what can be achieved...

Best wishes,


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