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December 11, 2021, 06:43 PM
This book; MIND COSMOLOGY by ANTHONY NORVELL is the book which could change your life.


But let me tell you why, OK?

Anthony Norvell is what I call a 'tweener. Long before THE SECRET crowd and Law of Attraction, and long after Wallace Wattles and William Walker Atkinson wrote their tomes on all things mental science...

Anthony Norvell became a popular writer, astrologer and yoga guy...before and after WW II.

Some complaints against the OLD New age writers is their writing was arcane, esoteric and hard to understand...whereas the knock on the SECRET crowd is they were too Pop culture.

So between these generations was Anthony Norvell, born in 1908 and died in 1990. An amazing life time, only those who went into their 90's saw more changes than any generation in history.

He wrote many classic books including METAPHYSICS, New Dimensions of the Mind, which I read hundreds of times...and this classic MIND COSMOLOGY, where he takes the mystic out of the equation and gives practioners step by step instructions on the whole of manifesting one's future.

It is the reason I have chosen to wrap my 2022 GUARANTEE of SUCCESS around it, because I know it can help one create seemingly miracles in their lives.

You can pick up a used copy for less than 20 bux, and if you actually DO some of the exercises, it will be a new day a'dawning for you. Guaranteed.


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