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Dien Rice
January 3, 2022, 08:40 PM
Hi Glenn,

First, thanks for all the value you share!

Getting more energy is a big topic for many people (myself included)...

I can't answer for Gordon, but...

Since in your article you linked to, you mentioned Chi Gung - also spelled Qigong - I thought I'd mention my little experience with it...

(Pronounced as "chee goong" by the way... Independent of how you spell it...)

I have a friend who's an award-winning martial arts master... an expert in Chinese medicine... and also an award-winning bodybuilder...

He's actually British, but lives in Australia, and (at least until the pandemic started) he would travel for a month or two every year to China to visit his own multiple teachers to improve his knowledge of martial arts and Chinese medicine...

Anyway, I learned Qigong (at a very basic level) from him... I can't speak much about it, as I'm really a beginner...

My thoughts on doing it was you were kind of trying to get the energy from the earth, and the energy from the sky, to pass through your body...

That's what it seemed like to me...

I don't know if it worked. I think I didn't do it enough...

Just thought I'd share... :)

Best wishes,


Thanks For The Book Recommendation Gordon,


Bought the book.

Please Give Me a Hint.

Which Exercise will help Me Become a BABE MAGNET like Mr C - Below?



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