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January 10, 2022, 09:01 AM
Happy New Year everyone !!:D

Hoping this pandemic goes away faster that expect. But doesn't seems to go so fast.

Ok, I have 2 questions on:

– Consulting;
– Selling Information;

I am running ads on Facebook feeds selling small websites to small business owners/freelancers (Consulting) and selling an digital report "How To Get Clients Via Facebook Without Spending A Fortune" (Information) (I get Clients on my mail order physical businesses, so basically the report teaches how to advertise on Facebook.)

And I'm getting leads on both.

I am noticing – what I is assume common sense – these:

Both Consulting and selling Information (specially on selling digital information) is required a VERY BIG TRUST on the seller to buyers buy. Common sense for sure.

On the other hand, on my mail order jewelry and men fashion bracelets business – where I sell physical products – there is no required to much confidence on the seller, in this case me. Make sense: there are photos of the products and I send probably 50% of my orders on C.O.D mail. Have a small % return on C.O.D, and probably 50% of these C.O.D returns people say was the incompetence of the mailman that they never received the order on their mail, and they order again and the C.O.D this time goes well. Who knows what happens here.

Back to Consulting and Information question:

As I heard from on big guys, people don't buy for 3 reasons:

-Don't Want It ;
-Don't Believe You;
-Don't Have The Money;

Analyzing the situation the leads I am not converting, I assume the biggest obstacle is they don't believe me.

Any general tips for be more believed on selling Consulting and Info?

I know this is a super general question. But I am just recently starting to dig a little bit on Consulting and Info. I am used to sell visual physical products, where I see is not needed to dig so much as is needed on Consulting and Info.

I think I made a big mistake on Consulting, I am advertising as "MB Consulting" ("MB" are my initial name letters) for the webdesign services. Probably would do much better as "Small Websites For Small Business Owners". I made "MB Consulting" because on make broad my services. But probably not a good decision for now. Specific niche.. VS General niche.

On Consulting some leads asked to show my portofolio. Not everyone is asking me about my portofolio.

On info I am not advertising a free sample of the e-book report. The report is already so small I didn't thought on giving away a sample.

Thank you! :)

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