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Dien Rice
January 17, 2022, 01:08 AM
Hi Glenn,

Thanks for sharing!

This skill is like a "hidden secret" - yet which is out in the open...

There's a lot of useful information and advice out there...

Which is written in a dull, put-me-to-sleep-already kind of way...

If a person can write in an INTERESTING way, that gets people's attention and makes them want to read more...

That person could take that information and make a mint with it...

People WANT to know how to improve their lives...

But they'll never improve their lives if reading the information puts them to sleep!

I think how to write in an interesting way is a very powerful, "hidden" skill...

(Of course, you have this skill in spades!)


Best wishes!


Thanks Gordon,

I have Written 187 Articles At Medium.com
To TEST What Folks OUTSIDE my list want.

I use KEY WORDS to Attract Eyeballs.

One Article TITLE Got 500% More READS.

"How To Make Money Reading Books"

THE WORDS "From Home" are not in there.

But I Believe This Is WHY So Many read the Article.


Next I am Breaking Out 2 Books at a time.

Creating a Info Product Around The Profitable Combination of 2 Ideas - one from each of them.

So I am In The "FROM HOME" BullsEye niche.

Funny thing.


So I can Turn around and SELL ideas from Best Selling books.

I just do not mention WHERE I got the idea.

Glenn Osborn
Billionaire Watching Club Ezine

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