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View Full Version : How to easily stop your computer from "sleeping"...

Dien Rice
April 25, 2022, 10:39 PM
Sometimes I need to stop my computer from going into "sleep" mode...

For example, if I'm not planning to be on my computer, but...

I'm downloading or uploading a very large file
I'm waiting for a Skype call
I'm running a program which will take a while, and I don't want it to stop in the middle

(and plenty of other reasons...)

There are computer settings you can set to do this - but it's a little bit complicated...

This method is super-easy...

All you do is go to this web page with your web browser...


then click on the button that says "Prevent device sleeping"...


I think it has to be in a browser window that's "open" though for it to work - not in a hidden "tab" in your browser...

I've tested it, and it works for me... :)

It might be useful for you... :)

Best wishes,


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