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Dien Rice
April 26, 2022, 03:24 PM
However, unfortunately, it's in Tokyo...

It's a new, recently-opened cafe, called the "Manuscript Writing Cafe"...

I think it's only been open a few weeks...

You are only allowed in if you are writing something... It could be a book, an article, an essay, a movie script, and so on...


When you enter, you fill out a card, stating your writing goal for your time in the cafe... For example, your goal could be to write 2000 more words of your book...

Every hour a staff member will come around and ask how your progress is. This is to help you be motivated!

Just like ordering in a regular cafe, you can order a mild, medium, or high level of verbal pressure... :)

And... They don't let you leave the cafe until you accomplish your goal!

(Or until they close at 7 pm... They don't kidnap you overnight...!)

Since they only let in writers, it means you're surrounded by other writers, doing their writing... Which can also only help with the motivation.

("Monkey see monkey do"... I find that when I see others around me working, I tend to focus more on work too, and less on procrastinating...)

Here's a link to a video... Click on the "CC" button on the bottom right of the video to see the English translation...

Welcome to the Manuscript Writing Cafe! (90sec)

...and some articles...

This Tokyo cafe won’t let you inside unless you’re a writer or translator with a deadline looming

A trip to the deadline cafe in Tokyo, where staff won’t let you leave until you’re done writing

If only I lived a little closer... :)

Best wishes!


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