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Dien Rice
May 2, 2022, 09:46 PM
You might recognize that as a line from a sales letter by the late copywriting legend, Mel Martin...

I've attached the first page of this famous sales letter to this post... (You need to be logged in to see it...)

This was an ad to promote the Boardroom newsletter, "Bottom Line/Personal"...

I've wondered for a long time... ever since I first saw this ad...

What is it you should never...ever eat on an airplane???!?

Today, I found an article answering that question...

Here's (another late copywriting legend) Clayton Makepeace writing about it...


Archived version...


The answer, apparently, is food!

Due to internal gas, etc.

He gets you soooo curious... that when you don't know the answer, you just gotta know...

Mel Martin is a copywriter worth studying and learning from...!

Best wishes,


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