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May 6, 2022, 02:16 PM
What do they call a surgeon who hasn't operated in a month?

Unemployed or dead.

See, surgeons cut. All day, some every day. It is what they do. Fishermen fish, they can't take a month off, they just can't.

Guys who sell HOW TO WRITE COPY, what do they do? They sell courses, books, newsletters, videos and instruction, that is what they do>

And it is all good. I have no beefs with anyone of them, although I will get at least a second opinion any surgeon gives me, probably a third.

Where the head goes the body follows.

I need to sell that one, maybe I will.

Copywriters who sell HOW TO courses, and especially ones who make their living from that, and not writing copy, or have quit writing copy and now teach...

their income comes from selling. And they are skilled salespeople at that.

So, I don't try nor do I intend to upset their apple cart, I just present information in a different way, and if you choose to follow it, can save you years of time in your journey.

I don't teach secrets, insider hacks, hidden techniques...I try to teach YOU how to write copy which sells the stuff you have for sale.

This way is based on KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of behavior, what makes people buy, what they want, why they want it and how to THINK it through before you begin to write a single word.

And I also believe, THERE ARE NO RULES. What works...WORKS!!

Get someone to send you some money with a simple...send me some money, I'll send you THIS...

And that may be all the copy you need to write.

But I am not at odds or war with any copywriting person or even the whole industry of Copywriting as a biz-op.

I do offer signicant shotcuts in time to get the results you want, but those shorcuts and time savers are built on a foundation of understanding what people buy and why


If you think it takes years of study, reading, research and writing out old ads by hand, then you are right.

It is what you believe it is; and I don't believe it is a complicated as most make it out to be, fair enough?

Here tis:

You need a notebook. Pen/pencil.

My Discount Drug Mart sells them for .99 cents.

Amazon: 2.09

Day one and two. OBSERVATION. What do people buy?

As you go about your day, even if you don't leave the house, ask yourself and write down your observations of what people buy. On page one have two columns, NEEDS & WANTS.

When out and about, be in AWARENESS MODE, and write down what you see people buy, no matter where or what.

Now a look at a "typical" paycheck, someone at 20 an hour working 40 hours a week.

800 dollars.
210 TAXES, etc.
590 X 4.25 = 2500 rounded off, a month.

Groceries. Rent/Mortage. Utilities. Clothing. Gas.

What is left over, the so-called disposal income is the gold for most marketers...although, the RICH guys do sell food, oil/gas, LOANS, etc., etc.

As you spend the first 48 hours observing what people buy, you will create a list, and these will go on one of the 2 columns, NEED or WANT.

We'll get into the differences later.

We all need food. But some of us shop at Aldi's or Save a Lot and Walmart while others go to Whole Foods and boutique food stores.

These first 2 days are intended to raise your awareness of what people buy, where and how, and even some WHY?

Why Walmart instead of Whole Foods?

See, if you believe that Copywriting is salesmanship in print, as it has been often described...

And the job of the copy WRITER is to get the reader/viewer/listener TO BUY, (or to believe) don't you first have to know;

What people buy?

Let me know if this makes too much sense and you'd rather be dazzled with some amazing inside secrets of the billion dollar companies...


Feel free to respond in the thread, we can cover a lot of territory if you want.


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