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May 4, 2022, 10:53 PM
Something to ponder on day two.

Tobacco, alcohol, fast food. Needs or wants?

I have tobacco under need. Beer under both, wine under both.

This generation doesn't remember a time of magazines. Oh sure, there are a few of them left, but nothing like the bookshelves of a Newstand, or Barnes and Nobles or Border's Bookstores when there were hundreds of magazines...

And even fewer remember a time when Cigarette ads and Alcohol ads were seen in these magazines and on TV. The iconic Marlboro man, remember that guy?

Or the most interesting man in the world with his Dos Equis?

Millions of addicts the world over who NEED their fix. No longer a want, now a biological need to function.

So tomorrow we'll take a look at wants and needs and see how BIG corporations and even govt's slant their promotions.

If you remember the pathetic DON'T DO DRUGS campaign, the billion dollar precursor to a nation of opiod addicts...well, we'll look at propaganda too, because most modern advertising is built upon the principles of mass persuasion.

Sex toys, needs or wants? More tomorrow.


Hi Gordon,
.This is great stuff...

I would love more insights on how to get into the MIND of your prospect...

What do they really want?

Thanks... :)

- Dien

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