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May 10, 2022, 10:23 AM
Hi Gordon

Nutter has many different definitions here in the UK but I don't put you in that category :)

Radio frequencies are relatively scarce so they're licenced - not that everyone obeys, I remember years ago (back before mobile phones) when "farmers" cordless phones were sold here. A range of miles. Legal to buy and sell. Illegal to use, although I can't imagine any farmer just having one for decoration.

I've used Rife-like devices with frequencies listed by Hulda Clark and they've worked well.

I've also used NLP style spinning to get rid of pain. Well weird - a few puzzled people who were happy the pain had gone but didn't really understand how or why.

Lots of invisible things and - as you say - lots of things that are in theory restricted to "official" use. Or stuff like Pegasus spyware but that's another can of worms completely.

Fascinated to read more!

Like with most non traditional or alternative methods, one has to consider placebo plays a large part in anecdotal "recoveries" or treatments.

Dr. Clark was a pioneer, albeit, a lot of critics too. But, that comes with the territory.

I do think health is related to taking care of our bodies, eliminating parasites, protection from radiation (skin carcinomas) from the sun and from man.

A good deal of good health is also genetic. We have to play the hands (and other body parts) we are dealt.

But good on you for testing things, finding out for yourself.

I appreciate anyone who is not afraid to challenge the "norms" and find out for themselves about the mysteries of life. And there are many of them.

There are hypersensitive people, I'm one of them, so I know there has to be many others out there and we have our own spectrum sensitivities, mine is barometric pressures, and noise, with less acute ones in sight and smell.

Now there are natural frequency generators, like quartz and other things, and we have measured the human, head to toe too.

So diet, exercise (oxygen) {which can elevate body frequencies} and tuning in help out.

My studies were more selfish. More about me.

What can I do with all this energy I am surrounded by? What is the potential?

In 1969-71 I conducted experiments on board my submarine, this one being a nuclear powered carrying atomic missiles. Could I send and receive my own self generated radio waves?

I knew that at night when we came up to periscope depth, we rec'd the radio signals sent to us, but at a certain depth, we couldn't get those.

So, if RF waves could be sent to submarines, could I send consciousness throgh the water and air? And could they be rec'd? Still think I'm NOT a nutter? HA!

Then, there is TIME. Hollywood is obsessed with time travel, and as people we spend a lot of time in our past, with a lot of regret too.

But what of the future? Is time on a spectrum, continuum, wave?

Can we see the future, ala Nostradamus, and what would I look for if I could?

Well lottery numbers make sense to me, for one thing.

But here again, anecdotal evidence, might be a placebo too, the once in awhile dream, the suddent thought, the clearly tracked and thought about patterns?

And what of people? Can we really read minds? Project thoughts into other people? Well yes, I use Glenn Osborn as an example of positive use, but road rage news on a daily basis is proof we can project thoughts through the air with nothing more than a perceived slight at the wheel.

I've been hooked up to all kinds of machines, including frequency generators and also with a helmet on to measure brain activity, to see those wonderful firing off of neurons.

And pics of Kirlian photography, and having people see my aura, a skill I think anyone can develop.

Yea, I'm rambling here, don't want to appear too cogent to the illuminati elst they come lock me away for revealing all the secrets hee hee...

We live in a world of energy, most of it measured in wave lenghts, and electromagnetic fields, doesn't it not make sense we should study our parts and how we are effected by such energy?

Sure I'm not a nutter?

Anyhow, the new device, is an all natural one with a small battery source which allows one to tune into




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