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May 9, 2022, 09:24 AM
LOOOONNNNGGGG time ago, in Cub Scouts, we made little crystal radios.

It might have been a kit sold by Olson Electronics, or maybe Radio Shack.

Around this time, the TRANSISTOR radio was being mass produced, I think this is how SONY became a powerhouse, it was my first pocket radio.

It was also around the time of Sputnik, and the beginning of outerspace RF transmissions...which today are the cause of many of the world's woe.

How did that crystal pick up radio signals? Well, that is what the Cub Scout lesson was all about, and started THIS kid on his electronics KIT building career.

But at the heart of it all, is the VIBRATION. Electrical waves, sound waves, light waves.

Today, we are bombarded with energy from the cell towers, power lines, and the many thousands of satellites.

And we are BOMB BLASTED with HUMAN ENERGY, especially on the Internet.

YouTuber, TikTok and other platforms are blasting loud people into our computers and cell phones everyday, I call them talking heads, and just can't deal with them.

Many women have picked up the baton, and they are yelling at us too.

Yea, yea, yea...

What about the magic vibrations you promised in the title?

Well, your brain is both a generator and a receiver, you are a human radio station. In face to face, I practice an energy projection technique which has taken years to master, and we can see this in the work of Glenn Osborn, who is less covert about it.

Blasting energy into someone in close proximity is easily visible.

Blasting energy into someone REMOTELY, well, that is the reason why all these folks are YELLING at us on YouTube and in the ads we get every day.

They AMPLIFY their energy, and try to project it, their "enthusiasm" for their secrets and sharing them, well it has become a modern trope.

One which most of us have tuned out of.

Even information I want to hear, gets shut off due to the talking head.

So what?

Well, there is a new device, as simple as the kid proof crystal radio, one which has a century of use, tested and proven... and it comes from those unknown heros of science, like Oleg Losev and Tesla ( the hidden studies) and Royal Rife...

early pioneers of all things electronic.


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