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View Full Version : People who want to EMPOWER other people...make me sick.

May 22, 2022, 04:03 PM
Came up in a discussion somewhere else.

I'm ANTI Empowerment. I think it is a fake, made-up, arrogant while being condescending at the same time tool used by coaches, gurus and money makers.

If someone wants to EMPOWER ME, first thing I ask, HOW MUCH?

And bring me a case where money does not exchange hands, can you?

From Tony Robbins down to the 100 thouand new "certified" life-coaches all of whom will give you the POWER (and that is the definition of the word) to grant power to (en meaning into)...

they all will Empower you, if the price is right.

Personal Power isn't learned from a book.
Personal Power isn't transferred to you from a guru or coach.
Personal Power can't be bought.

It is exercised.

Why do you need PERMISSION, from someone else to do something? Why subjugate yourself to an outside authority?

Well, SURE, we were trained and brought up that way via school and education, but as an adult, you don't need the teacher's permission to go the bathroom.

For me, the word is a TRIGGER, I see someone who wants to EMPOWER people and I hear/see/feel a shill is in the air.

Doubt me? Simply ask HOW MUCH next time someone wants to EMPOWER you, and if it is only TIME they want from you, you are surrending the single most valuable resource you have.

You want power? Use it. Take it. Don't borrow, beg, steal or for god's sake, pay for it.

Empower my AZZ.


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