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May 23, 2022, 10:20 PM
Thanks Gordon,

PREOCCUPATION INTERRUPTION is not in a dictionary. And when I googled it. There is nobody Else Discussing it.

So not a good Niche to sell into.

But - "Meditation" is a niche with Many Million people in it.


Pre-Occupation Interruption - I had to look up. Could not find a Definition. I think it means - BREAKING People out of their Dazed State.

Modern Definition of "Meditation" is meaningless to me.

But Found this Ancient India Definition of "Meditation or Yoga."

"The purpose of meditation is the settling of the mind into silence."

I Hate Yoga and Meditation.

Yoga is boring. (OR Painful and Embarrassing if you do it with EXPERTS)

Meditation - I fall asleep.

I cannot "Calm My Mind."

MY Definition of successful Meditation is - "Blocking or Breaking off each idea as it POPS into your mind for 5 or 10 minutes." Not a CALM MENTAL STATE. But at least I can achieve a Sortof "Thoughtless Mental State."

That is the closest I get.


When I am Scything my Lawn. I have to Focus on Each Swing. Or miss the grass and weeds completely. Or dig the blade into the ground.

So When I am Splitting wood or Scything Grass I am in a Focused State of
Mindfulness. Away of NOW.


So We Gotta Figure out what the Millions of Yoga and Meditation Folks LOVE about it. Then sell them MORE of that.

MIND CONTROL could be a version of that.


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