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June 21, 2022, 09:26 AM
Resent the link, from Sat. but also PM

Thanks Gordon,

Didn't get the 8.00 REPORT YET.

The clowns at Gosun.com - do not include a cookbook. (There is a forum with Random Recipes. Not much Bread. Which is a Big Omission.)

100% Chance of Making Mistakes
(Which I have Done. 2nd Try - So Hard I could Drive Nails with The Bread)
with a 32 inch Tube of metal Inside 2 Solar Reflectors.

CURRENTLY I am Puzzling over HOW to Get The Rolled up Tube of Dough to RISE
Inside the Long Solar Cooker - Without Burning the Yeast.

I Think I will put the rolls of dough in my Oven
Rolled up like a snake - to Rise in The Heat of a Boiling pan of water.

THEN Straighten Them out and Plop them in The Solar oven. (And THEN sit the oven in The Sun.

I did Find a Solar Oven Recipe that started with 2 Cups of Flour.

(Baking powder And Durham Wheat Flour Give Me Arthritis Pain)

So I took a Plain White YEAST Recipe.

Cut it down to 2 cups of flour - instead of 4

Tossed in a handful of Raisins.

Came Out OK - 1st try.
Burnt it 2nd Try.

Not Something READY to Share - however.

After 30 years of Break Baking Experience I TWEEK my Bread Machine Recipes too - So they are Not Recognizable.


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