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June 17, 2022, 02:26 PM
Since I offered the Jimmy Krug report the other day (for 8 bux, paypal me if wanted gjabiz@yahoo.com) I've gathered some good feedback.

THE SECRET PATH: Becoming a How-To Guru, Wizard or Teacher in Your Niche

was one of the best investments I made. in this report, Jimmy lays out some interesting ideas about your avatar, or business personna, WHO you are to your prospects. And I feel he did a good job covering the basics of perceptions.

There are deeper studies, but for most of us, this pithy report is all we need.

One response I got, was about the "feelings" of using an avatar that didn't fit...that sometimes we try to fit into a 3 piece gray flannel suit when we mostly wear swimtrunks and flip flops around our house.

Yea, being INauthentic is a kiss of death, or should be, to those marketers who slip on their robes to become something they are not.

The fake it til you make it crowd embraces this, I do NOT.

We could have different facets to our sparkling personalities, and we let that light shine when we are facing THAT direction.

Being authentic and true to your self is always the best approach, otherwise we see the results in the Don LePre types, doing time in prison or worse.

I contend we all have more than one side to show to the world, but when it comes to markets, niches, and resonating with prospects, show them the side of you that resonates.

DON'T pretend to be something you are not, never a good idea, but don't be afraid of showing off different sides to yourself when it benefits all parties.

Be the wizard in front of the curtain, not behind the smoke and mirrors.

I've found Jimmy Krug's work has withstood the test of time, and his simple publications business, a lot like my own path.

Be yourself, and be THAT self for when you are on that path.


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