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June 23, 2022, 11:05 AM

With a blush.

I am holding a 12 pack of 0.7mm FRIXION fineliner colored pens, still in the pack. They sit unused, right next to my unused Rocketbook. And on my whiteboard on the wall there are four orange colored tabs I bought also.

I confess. I was excited. I dove in. I bought it.

And have never gotten around to actually DOING anything with it.

And, and...while in confession...the Rocketbook sits next to a two video cameras I bought, tested, and have also NOT used for anything.

Now I could just excuse myself and say it was for research reasons...but the honest truth is, I too, will sometimes, ACT first and think later.

Something I preach against, have gotten it down to just an occassional impulse now and then...but I plead guilty about the Rocketbook...it just didn't work for me the way I thought it would...

And more accurately, I didn't WORK at making it useful.

Dien, if the shipping wasn't more expensive than getting a new one, I would send you mine along with the pens. Let us know HOW you use them, since they are just sitting there, maybe I can still get some use from them.



I've decided to get myself a Rocketbook, which Gordon posted about in the past (http://www.sowpub.com/forum/showthread.php?p=41472)...

However, I'm too impatient for waiting things to be delivered, so I decided to go ahead and just "do it myself" until I get it!

First, what's the benefit of the Rocketbook system?

Essentially, you can write or draw and get a professional digital version of your writing or your drawing, quickly and easily...

This can be great for note-taking (and saving a neat, crisp digital copy), and also for creating drawings and hand-written notes, to use in creating reports or online courses...

You can of course take a photo of your notes or drawing with your phone camera. However, the photo is likely to be tilted, or have extraneous stuff there... All that jazz that makes it look unprofessional.

You can also use a scanner... But, while you get a good image, it's definitely a lot more hassle...

The Rocketbook system fixes that... (and more...)

You can have the digitized image automatically saved where you want, with up to 7 possible places specified.

(I've only specified one place to save my uploads so far, which is a special folder for Rocketbook uploads on my Dropbox account. Google Drive is also another option, or to your email, as well as many other possible places...)

I haven't tried it yet, but you can also specify in the document the title, by using two hashtags (##) before and after the title, in writing at the top of the page... Rocketbook will then incorporate that into the file name...

Anyways, what do I think of it?

I love it!

So far, I've just used it for "thinking on paper" and making notes, and uploading the notes so I have a digital version of it.

How do I do it without having yet received the Rocketbook notebook itself?


Rocketbook actually provides free pages you can download and print out...


You can download those pages, and use them, and the Rocketbook app will work with them...

Now, I already wrote on pieces of paper, so I didn't use their pages. The key on the Rocketbook pages are the black border, and the bottom line of symbols and the QR code...

I just placed my already-filled (non-Rocketbook) sheet of paper on top of a large, black notepad carrying case I have.

By putting the white paper on the larger black notepad carrying case, it gives it a black border when you go to take a photo...

If you don't have a large black notepad carrying case, you could buy yourself a large piece of black construction paper or card stock paper, and place your pages on top of that, so your white page will have a black border in the image...

(The black border is important, as that's how the Rocketbook app senses where the edges of the page are.)

Also, I printed out Rocketbook's paper sheet, and cut out just the bottom strip of the sheet, with the symbols and QR code. I then placed that strip at the bottom of my already-written sheet of paper...

I found that, doing this - using their strip with symbols, and the "on the fly" black border - the Rocketbook app worked!

Now, getting the actual Rocketbook notebook is a good idea, as it is a kind of "erasable notepad" which you can use over and over... (and save on paper)... Well worth the money, I believe...

But until you do, the above works!

I hope someone finds it useful... :)


P.S. Gordon linked to this video in his earlier post, which is also great for ideas, so I'll link to it here too... I also got ideas from him for my system I've described above...


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