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Dien Rice
June 24, 2022, 08:42 AM
Hi Gordon,

I didn't mean to make you blush...!

I think for me it's a good thing, as I'm already doing something similar, but in an inferior way...

Inspired by yourself (http://www.sowpub.com/forum/showthread.php?p=43039) and Glenn (http://www.sowpub.com/forum/showthread.php?p=42822), I'm now making more handwritten plans and "brainstorming"-type sessions...

(As opposed to typing them into the computer or on my phone... which I still do in addition sometimes... I use Google Docs for this...)

My usual method is to take a photo of the handwritten page afterwards. (I'm always losing paper... But once it's digital, I'm good at keeping it stored where I can find it...)

The Rocketbook system is simply better than my simple photographing-a-piece-of-paper method!

But, the acid test is whether I'm still using it in a month or so, as I also abandon ideas too (if I find something that doesn't quite work for me)...!

Best wishes,



With a blush.

I am holding a 12 pack of 0.7mm FRIXION fineliner colored pens, still in the pack. They sit unused, right next to my unused Rocketbook. And on my whiteboard on the wall there are four orange colored tabs I bought also.

I confess. I was excited. I dove in. I bought it.

And have never gotten around to actually DOING anything with it.

And, and...while in confession...the Rocketbook sits next to a two video cameras I bought, tested, and have also NOT used for anything.

Now I could just excuse myself and say it was for research reasons...but the honest truth is, I too, will sometimes, ACT first and think later.

Something I preach against, have gotten it down to just an occassional impulse now and then...but I plead guilty about the Rocketbook...it just didn't work for me the way I thought it would...

And more accurately, I didn't WORK at making it useful.

Dien, if the shipping wasn't more expensive than getting a new one, I would send you mine along with the pens. Let us know HOW you use them, since they are just sitting there, maybe I can still get some use from them.


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