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June 25, 2022, 10:40 AM
Ah, a debate.

But the reality of it is; it comes down to belief and opinion. Freud vs Jung. Is Psychology even a real science (another debate).

Many take the idea of a superior SUBconscious mind as gospel, without ever an examination of where their idea of it came from.

It is HUGGGE business, getting that independent subconscious to work for us and not against us...it has made people rich who have given us the secrets to HOW to make our masterful subconcious into our personal slave to do our bidding and execute our will.

No one has ever seen one. Those guys who dissected Einstein's brain, never came across his subconscious mind.

I've got a lot of this debate in SWITCHWORDS. And I usually fall on the side of PRACTICALITY and USEFULNESS.

HOW does making best use of the subconscious mind (if there is one) help ME, assit ME, make MY life better and those around me better too?

So, I tend not to take things at face value, and have to dive into rabbit holes that make the one Alice went down look like little gopher holes in the yard. I'm talking CAVE size rabbit holes of research into all things mind, mental, how the brain works, how the mind within the brain works, the many minds that we have...etc., etc.

And at the end of the day, for me, it has always been about practical, real life useful lessons. So many students stay down their rabbit holes and believe everything the Mad Hatter tells them without question.

And...they tend to be fanatical, or TRUE believers about how they are RIGHT and the rest of us wrong. They come up with a WAY. Their way.

Most of these become one size fits all clothing, and it is the foundation of cults, even if the followers don't see themselves as cult followers. In fact, most cult followers DON'T see themselves this way at all.


As I understood what Mangan was asserting, the CONNECTION between the conscious and subconscious and how to JOIN them...


To effect rapid results, to expedite the cause/effect...to benefit from the Stimulus/Response idea in a personally profitable way; profiting the mind, body and spirit.

Meditation, guided visualization, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, NLP (to some extent) are all ways in which we bring the very loud and active conscious mind and the quiet always at work behind the scenes subconscious mind TOGETHER, in harmony to receive wonderful benfits.

SWITCHWORDS, can be an instant meditation.
They can be an instant hypnosis.
They can be an immediate shortcut to access the wealth of knowledge stored in our subconscious minds.

They CAN be. But most often they are not. Mainly because of faulty teaching, misunderstanding and blind acceptance to any given guru, god or Gordonesque type being.

Like with all things, where the head goes, the body follows.

I like to think after 62 years of field testing the whole idea of subconscious and SELF TRANSFORMATION, and all things self improvement and SELF ACCEPTANCE (PROBABLY more important for most)...that I have learned a thing or two about making all things...

Mind, mental, metaphysical...spiritual, self transformational...

and making them practical and useful in this lifetime.


Your thoughts on the subject, always welcome.

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