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July 3, 2022, 03:04 PM
Or, something to sell, traffic, and conversions.

Store, traffic, sales. However you want to say it, or think it, these three things are the foundations of all money making ventures...and they can be simple, until we add in our own ideas, thoughts and complications and get...

wait for it...


the slop and mess (you knew it was coming, eh?) of making money.

Yea, yea, yea, sing the Beatles but also the collective sighs of SowPubbers everywhere...

Cause, I am or can be a broken record. And one which you may be tired of listening to at that.

But, every day, not every other day, BUT every day, I face down folks who insist on adding on to some very simple and basic concepts, it is as if they need to complicate their lives...for whatever reason.

You need something to sell.
Ideas, even, which are what? Air or words?

You need someone interested in what you are selling.
They come in.
Show Up.
Hit the link.
Land on the page,
follow the trail,
take the bait.

And then you need an exchange of value, or PAYMENT.
Pounds. Cash. Moolah, diamonds, gold, or any other AGREED upon value.

Even more air (words) can be exchanged.

So, half way through 2022, what do YOU have...

For sale?
What is your offer?.

Who is interested? Where are they, how do you find them, reach them, touch them or nudge them or say to them?? to make them BUYERS.

How can they pay you?

Eliminate the slop,
the mess,
the extra steps,
the roadblocks,
the stumbling blocks,
the hurdles,
the hoops and the hoopla.

And have something for sale, either create, buy or exchange for it.

Have someone interested in it.

And have a way and means of exchanging value.

I promise, I'll wait at least two weeks, before I harp on it again.

And as always, if you have NOTHING ELSE, you have the air which comes out of your mouth, so words can be THE THING you have for sale just as easily as a bar of soap, a loaf of bread, a jug of wine or a bow...

July 4th, half of 2022 gone, what will the rest of it be for you?

Gordon Singing yea, yea, yea, while dancing with the Stones.

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