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Dien Rice
July 15, 2022, 12:39 PM
Amongst all the other recent news, you may have seen news about the new James Webb space telescope...

It's a telescope which is itself a satellite in space... Like the Hubble telescope, but better...


The news is that it's producing amazing images to help us learn more about the universe!

You can see a bunch of images here...

https://www.esa.int/Science_Exploration/Space_Science/Webb/First_images_from_Webb_telescope_reveal_unseen_Uni verse

Now, the next one is a nifty website, where you can compare images from the Hubble, with the same image from the James Webb telescope...

Just click on the little "plus" signs to get an image with a "slider" you can slide, to compare images!

You can see just how much more detail there is in the James Webb telescope images, compared to the Hubble telescope!


It's wondrous how vast and amazing our universe is...!

Best wishes,


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