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July 19, 2022, 11:45 AM
Our (USA)HEATWAVE, hasn't hit us yet.

But it will soon, VERY soon. And loss of power, controlled rolling brownouts, and uncontrolled black outs, are looming on the very near future.

Coupled with armed Good Samaritans vs Incels with Automatics, a bloody, hot and violent end to the Summer of 2022.

First, I have always preached, taught and shouted preparation, even in my old GLOOM AND DOOM blogging days.

There is always the bad news.

And sometimes, we can see it coming, so be prepared for it, and it won't knock you on your ****, eh?

WE are about to enter our phase of what is happening in Europe, UK, today.

Record temps, fires, and rising blood pressures.

As a chatteler, someone who flips personal and corporate properties, a good thing to have some Air Conditioners near by, and generators (always a good product to flip for a profit)...although, with fuel prices rising and inflation, I'd keep my generator quiet and not make a big deal about having one.

Gun violence is rising throughout the world, many countries experiencing what we in USA have had for ever...and that will continue to trend up and up.

Most think we're OVER covid and are once again filling the concert halls and events, and of course, no one wants to live in a state of fear of what could happen.

Our curfew, in Akron, OH, was just lifted, after police shot an unarmed man an alledged 40+ times, with over 60 bullets apparently being fired from a squad of officers. I guess every cop in Akron was on the scene, wondered who was protecting and serving the rest of the city that night?

Anyhow, we join the ranks. And there will be more. And more. We're just getting started with that.

So, what to do? Bunkers, foxholes, shaking in our boots in the basements?

NO, awareness first. Preparation second.

And let me tell you all a little secret. Iffin you ain't got a stash of cash to use, then you probably ain't as prepped as you could be.

I like the idea of being able to make money out of thin air, which the Internet has made possible...but just as important is SPENDING money on useful things, I like to TITHE my Preparation fund. Instead of sending my ten cents on the dollar off to some cemented belief system, how about I send 10cents to the future, so I have food, water, shelter, clothing, ammunition, etc., etc.

But in order to tithe 10% to Your future, YOU HAVE TO BE MAKING some dollars to start with.


P.S. I have cleared off a couple of people who wanted the done for you reports or promotions, if interested, send me an email, gjabiz@yahoo.com and we can discuss what you want to do, fair enough?

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