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Dien Rice
July 21, 2022, 09:35 PM
Hi Gordon,

Thanks, this is a very valuable post! Here's why...

It provides a great "model" for us to follow to create our own info-product businesses...

It's already changed my thinking... and I made quite a few notes, which will change how I do things going forward!

Best wishes, :)


I have a pretty firm handshake NDA with those I actually write their reports for, and although I follow along, my agreement from my end, is to NOT use them as case studies or anything, after all, they have THEIR name on the product.

And I'm somewhat fanatical about it.

But, I can SHARE you a case study I just started, tell you what I think is going to happen, and then we can watch and see. I do have a few other people sharing their journey, and if it is public, well, we all can see what they are doing, right?

The twin windmills I tilt at the most are SLOP and MESS. I could easily ebay, IF i WANTED to spend all that time, just the process of selling something, let alone hundreds or thousands of somethings, just tires me out.

So, today. At Noon. I decided to write a new report.

Started with the promotion, here:

That took about half an hour.

Then I wrote the report, took about an hour and an hour researching, although, I did visit a lot of the sites before.

I had it done by 3 and my first sale. Only posted a link here at sowpub.
Got my second sale about an hour ago.

I expect, over the weekend, maybe as many as 20 of you will own TIDAL WAVE, maybe fewer, maybe more. But 20 won't be a surprise.

So, from this first group I will get FEEDBACK. I left it very rough, and did not include samples, which I am in the process of making, and everyone who has the HOTSHEET/MINIREPORT will get all things from here on out, related to the TIDAL WAVE project. I consder you all BETA testers and your feedback has made many of my reports much more valuable over the years, so thanks.

By the end of Aug. I will have a fully fleshed out report, probably in the 35 page range, with several illustrations, pics of my new SPORTS BETTING HOTSHEETS, which I plan to offer to local businesses.

Not everyone in this first batch will respond, some are just curious, others just don't want to, and that is fine. The 8 ro 12 people who give me feedback, will be rewarded, hopefully they think that, when I send them all the additional stuff.

Then, I raise my prices. TIDAL WAVE will go out in Sept./Oct with a 20 dollar price tag, with a 50% off deal for my buyers on the lists.

I will expect to sell about 500 of these by Christmas, and will have an AUTOMATED PRODUCT VENDING site by then, currently, I have to send the report back. But in Sept. They pay via paypal or some other way, and instantly get the product while I'm shoving a jelly donut in my pie hole.

500 is the goal, with an average of 15 dollars or a gross of 7500 minus paypal fees, and should NET over 7k dollars. Now, I put in a hard 3 hours to create it, and FEEDBACK will help shape it, make it better and maybe even make it great.

But if it is my usual average and ordinary report, and gets the avg. result, it will be a pittance of a few thousand dollars for the effort, maybe be able to buy a new TV at Christmas, while vacationing in the Bahamas. Maybe.

Now, all this, if it comes close to expectation, will pay for my launch of my LOCAL SPORTS BETTING HOTSHEETS, which is going to be fun, interesting and hopefully much more profitable. Not because I'm any sort of a wizard, but because the state of OHIO is/has spent millions of dollars getting ready for this.

All I am trying to do is get on the track and let that gravy train run me over. And if you buy this first version, then you will get a step by step case study of what it is, how it is doing and see for yourself, why I prefer information products over all the S & M of other IM.

TIDAL WAVE. We'll see. Just as long as it doesn't end up Lake Mead and I die of thirst.


P.S. If you are interested in starting your own case study of information product, or automatic product vending, let me know.

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