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August 1, 2022, 03:09 PM
Thanks Dien/Gordon,

"FREE LUNCH - Investor Wants to Buy Your Business
& Pay For It Out Of New Extra Profits. Call Ph #"

A Friend of mine, Randal Aungst, came up with this ad.

So Successful he could use it ANYWHERE. He NEVER had to buy lunch, either. He showed a list of moolah making ideas - Bullets - to each biz owner. And THEY gladly paid for lunch. So they could Find Out More.

AND hired him to boot.

Craigs List

Bank Entryway Bulletin Boards.

Networking Meetings

Emails to business owners he found on Facebook

Under Contractor Windshield Wipers outside "Home Depot" stories at 7:30 am

3 by 5 Cards under Windshields at hi end Restaurants

Randal used the ad for Barter too.

Which is how we met.

I needed a Place to give a 1/2 day presentation to the combined Group
of Jay Abraham Protege Grads from Virginia, MD, PA.

And Randal made a deal for catering and use of a
Big Banquet Room with sound rigged up - at a PA Resort.

I share it here For 3 Reasons -

#1 - Can You GUESS the 1st thing the Business owners ASK over the phone when they call?

#2 - Your Readers might be able to adapt the idea.

#3 - I make moolah with the ad from Home. Email it to biz owners and
50% or more Email me Back and WANT TO TALK Right Away.


P.S. - Oh yeah.

Before you share the ad - Make a List of Moolah Making ideas
for the biz person you send the ad to.

(EDITORS NOTE - Very easy to google ideas. 99% of biz owners in any Industry
only do ONE THING to make moolah. Which makes it easy to list other proven ideas.)

And be ready for some HEAT.

These guys are really up-set that they are leaving HUGE Chunks of money on the table that YOU might be able to Snatch up under their noses.

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