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Dien Rice
August 23, 2022, 03:01 PM
It's been said that...

"Success in direct mail is 40 percent lists, 40 percent offer and 20 percent everything else."
- Ed Mayer

Famous Last Words : About Offers, by Denny Hatch

The "copy" - the specific way you write everything - fits into the 20% of "everything else"...

That means if you want to make more sales, the quickest and easiest way is often to improve your offer...

I'm partly putting this up here to remind myself of this very important point!

You read copywriters, and you come across the notion that the copy is the be-all and end-all...

Whereas experience-wizened copywriters know that, the offer itself is actually much more important...

And we haven't even gotten to "the list" - which means the quality of the list, and also how well the list of prospects matches your offer...

Or in my best Glengarry Glen Ross Ed Harris voice,

"It's the leads. The whole thing is the leads, you understand me?"

However, it's often quicker and easier to change the offer (if you're the business owner), than it is to change the "list"... (But you need both!)

Best wishes!


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