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August 30, 2022, 03:04 PM
NFL football accounts for nearly 50% of ALL sports betting in USA.

Soccer, or world football, is the most bet on sport overall.

I mention this in conjunction with the TIDAL WAVE report, and as soon as regular season starts, YOU, who have Tidal Wave, will automatically receive the update.

At the start of NFL season, OHIO, does not have "legalizied" sports betting, but it will in just a few months...not in time for this football season, but for sure, for the next one.

In creating HOTSHEETS AND tools to the miners, I've uncovered some intersting information on INJURY reports, and why so many are released at the last moment, so as not to reveal your hand and let the other team prepare.

Although, at that level, once the team is on the field, the expert coaches can note absences and make play adjustments.

I am not much of a Football fan these days, The Browns, Red right 88, the drive and the fumble broke my back...and today, the Deshaun Watson fiasco has turned me into a Cincy bengals guy for now.

Anyhow, just a bit of an update, and getting ready to roll out the Hardware store, getting the tools priced and on the shelf so when the miners come though the door, they have something to buy.

THE TIDAL WAVE IS COMING, get your surfboards waxed and ready.


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