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September 1, 2022, 09:37 AM
I love Sept. The weather cools, the kids are back in school, Summer lingers, Fall is in the air, the geese are getting fat, and all that.

My Sept. calendar is full, tons to do, thank goodness I'm fairly organized.

Big Projects include TIDAL WAVE continuations, getting ready for Ohio Sports betting next year and planning on cashing in on selling tools to the miners.

I have a new Holiday report in the works, recalling the 52 CARDS of Christmas, along that line. Several off line projects, and although I say NO THANKS for most of them, a few are just to good to pass up.

Great time to Chattel, my restaurant "partner" has more business than he can handle, his gig is buying and selling used restaurant equipment, an evergreen thing, hard to believe how many people want to open one, and how many go out of business...good for us chattelers, eh?

Now, I have an offer. For one person. A no cost, little effort, DONE WITH YOU Information product.

I need another NEW Case Study. Some believe what worked 20 years ago, 10 years ago, even 5 years ago is OLD timey marketing. I'd like to prove 'THEM' wrong.

So here's the deal. I will work with you, at NO cost, to aid in creating an initial INFORMATION product, and help you bring it to market...in exchange for allowing me to document your progress. I don't want any piece of the action, no part of your profits, nothing from you except a small effort to follow directions and try to grow something in the next few months.

I'll start with questions (of course), help research your market, come up with a strategy, a marketing plan and then help you create the product to launch this new venture.

So, anyhow, my plate is full, but there is room on it for some aid and assistance to one sowpubber who wants to launch their own INFORMATION EMPIRE. Send email, gjabiz@yahoo.com with Subject Header INFORMATION EMPIRE, and I'll give you rapid response.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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