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September 2, 2022, 08:35 PM
Hi Gordon,
Very exciting that you and Steve DiMarco will be working together on a new report!
My question...
Most business cards, in my opinion, could use a little "copywriting" - "salesmanship" savvy...
Is this something Steve will also help with? Or is it primarily the distribution?
I think a business card - especially with some "salesmanship" savvy - can be a very powerful tool!
Looking forward to it (definitely plan to get the report, too, once it's done)!
Best wishes,

Because his is a DISTRIBUTION model only, the biz supplies their card, or if they don't have one, he has them get one, without suggestion.

If you look at his site and samples, I'd say that most of those who want the distribution, are, in my opinion, having less than optimized marketing being sent out.

If not a seasonal offer, or something time limited, a more catchy keeper too. A reason to cut it out and throw it in the kitchen drawer or hang on fridge.

I would suggest to Steve or anyone, maybe do a TRADES only one, and feature one plumber, one electrician, one roofer, one handyman, one drain guy (not a plumber), etc., etc. That way it might stay on the fridge or on the board.

Anyhow, I think you are right, most cards, even being a big business still, the printers have very little in the way of influence or persuasion with their standard template designs.

I'd be happy to punch it up, be the Jim Morris (the Tagline Guy) of Biz cards.

I can turn a phrase now and then.


PS. It is DISTRIBUTION. Not a coupon, not an ad sheet, but has one purpose to get business cards into homes...and that is what he offers and sells. It is NOT like the 9x12 ad cards, totally different approach to it.

DISTRIBUTION. Like hiring Timmy and Lassie to deliver 2500/5000 business cards door to door (although Timmy might throw them down the drain and say Lassie ate the cards, that little brat).

Also, good book by Morris BADVERTISING

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