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September 20, 2022, 01:45 PM
Taking the step from knowing,
to DOING...

is the step most do not take. Yes?

Making money vs a better Earth for all. Between these two things, by far, the making of money is far easier thing to do. It isn't that hard.

Make offers. Have stuff for sale, sell said stuff at the right INTERSECTION, the where of it all makes all the difference, because the WHO is self determined by the choice of the product to offer.

I want to share a 30 year history of what I've seen with online and Internet Marketers, going back to 1993, the first year of the Internet, and a year before that online with bbs etc.

Lots of guys made money, like Corey Rudl, and bought fast cars, Lambos, Porsches, etc., etc. McMansions. Many went the nouveau riche route; cars, houses, drugs, partying. Some of the revered of today, had legal problems, with FTC, FDA, and some had all their "stuff" confiscated...and we hope they learned their lessons. They must have, they are some of the biggest names in IM.

Anyhow, we have well over 50 years of wealth/money making templates to choose from, when we first decide that is what we want. And yet, some 30 years later, many have only taken a stutter step in the direction of their goals.

Now, we started as a general business forum, where we talked about ways to make money, have a business, and we still focus on that primarily.
It just isn't that hard...EXCHANGE VALUE: sell something...make offers...learn the basics...study human behavior...all parts of the puzzle.

I feel that anyone dedicating themselves to be a millionaire today, can do so in 5-6 years and maybe much faster, depending on who they follow and what they bring to the table, including DESIRE.

I find DESIRE today, to be like a Cleveland Browns defensive back's pursuit of a pass receiver who beat them...TEPID at best and closer to pathetic.


One of my many little catch phrases, which don't or shouldn't need a lot of explanation. Although, maybe it does?

But making money, is only one of the five paths of life, one of the five rings in the circus, one of the five lanes on the highway as described in the Square One Workshops...and in my mind, the easiest one to take and master.

Much easier than relationships, now there's a real life challenge.
Or the care of the EARTH, and with typhoons, hurricanes, Tsunamis, heat waves, volcanos, earthquakes...well, we haven't done much of a job taking care of this place...again,

We've been Cleveland Browns defensive backs, all confused and not knowing which play has been called.

For Earth, a yellow flag is being thrown by Mother Nature herself.

And what of food? Plenty of it to feed the world, but why are there a Billion people in a starvation situation?

And HATRED? Cults of the far right, cults of religions, cults of marketing...

Doesn't look like we're doing a very good job there either, are we?

The reason for this post:

Someone contacted me, and asked why I wasn't a well known guru? And a bunch of other spurious questions, as referring to some advice I dropped on my daily Internet forum, group, place...journey.

I responded, take it as it is, if my advice doesn't stand on its own, IGNORE IT.

Pretty simple I think. But apparently, in today's world, if it doesn't tumble out of the mouth of some well known guru, or worse yet, some rich Internet MARKETER...then even the most sage of advice, even Einstein would be ignored today..and I ain't no Einstein....E= MC 3

Anyhow, I like to spend most of my days, these days, working on real problems...not personal ones.

Not going into a rant against the rich, or materialism, you make the dough, do what you want, fair enough?

But trying to work on problems like ENERGY, my opinion, the REAL problem behind many of our earthly woes.

And not nuclear, nor fossil fuel, and very little solar...what else is there?

What aren't we doing today, which we could be, should be...to solving the most pressing, maybe even existential issue of our times...

Energy without ravaging resources.

A lost cause?

But more worthy of MY time, than trying to build credentials which satisfy a stranger's query into my expertise...unless I charge you dollarooos, moolah, pounds, francs or crypto...

Take whatever advice I offer...or don't.

Now, back to converting magnetically created heat into steam, to run the car, plane, and train of the future.

Your humble Guru/Master/Maestro...know it all...


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