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View Full Version : New kid (but not really) Alen Sultanic has them wetting their beds...

September 21, 2022, 11:11 AM

September 21, 2022, if asked...I would suggest to a younger person who really wanted to get into this Internet Marketing world, and really make money...big money...to turn everybody else off, and tune into Alen Sultanic.

His relatively new FACEBOOK group is on fire. It is Nothing Held Back.

And in a matter of months, he has made almost every other Facebook group about marketing or copywriting...pert near obsolete.

He is the next NOW big thing, perhaps replacing Gary V. or Neil Patel as the digital marketing KING of the Hill (for now).

If you are unaware of Alen, then you are welcome. If you already follow him, I just want to say his DEPTH may be too much for most people...it tumbles off his tongue easily, and he can certainly shine some light on speed.

Just be aware, he has spent many hours in the Ocean swimming and training, so the deep end is second nature to him.

Alen Sultanic. Maybe, besides me and Dien, the only Internet Marketer you need to follow. Iffin you want big bux in short months, not long years.


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