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September 26, 2022, 03:23 PM
Yes, there will be an update soon to TIDAL WAVE, YOU will receive it automatically if on the buyers list.

One of the TOOLS TO THE MINERS, I am working on for when Ohio starts online sports betting next year, is the NFL INJURY IMPACT REPORT.

NFL is over 50% of sports betting online, so that is why my focus on it.

I'm sure there are at least a million Ohio gamblers getting ready for when Ohio gives the GO AHEAD and gamble green light the first of next year.

My strategy was, as reported in TIDAL WAVE, and is, to create tools for the miners.

And one that is progressing, is the INJURY IMPACT REPORT. It will come out on Tuesday, with a complete injury report and how that impacts the next week. So it will be a weekly HOTSHEET and what is different is, I will be looking at match-ups, for example when TJ Watt went out of the Steelers line-up, it made that side much easier to attack from the offensive game plan.

It is not enough to know who is injured, but what is the IMPACT of that injury for the next game...and of course, the LINE for the players to adjust their bets.

Anyhow, I expect it to be a PREMIERE tool in the tool box I will be offering to OHIO and then, everywhere, online.

It has gotten a bit complicated, a lot more slop and mess than I imagined, but once the rosters are in the spread sheet, and the injury reports are in, then we can run a program and of course, no one does this better than Vegas, or big gambling...it is hard to beat them, but so far, this has been a crazy NFL season, where week to week, gamblers are doing pretty pretty good at beating the spread, especially on underdogs which are winning outright.

Anyhow, TIDAL WAVE updates, sent automatically probably around Oct 4/5.

Stay tuned.


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