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Dien Rice
October 9, 2022, 07:13 AM
I was reading through Ben Suarez's classic book, "7 Steps to Freedom II"...

On pages 82-85, he goes through 101 different types of offers!

This is very useful, because changing your offer could make a dramatic difference in your sales...

Here are just a five (out of the 101) that Ben lists...

17. Mystery Gift Offer

Ben says... "Sometimes pulls better response than offering a specific gift. You may want to indicate the item's retail value."

29. Free Talent Test

Ben says... "Commonly used by home study schools. All such tests are required, by law, to measure talent or ability. They cannot be used as come-ons."

42. Reason-Why Sales

Ben says... "Pre-inventory clearances, liquidations, moving sales and other such reasons-why lend more credibility to the sale."

64. Write-Your-Own-Ticket Offer

Ben says... "Used primarily to sell magazine subscriptions. A special price is offered. The customer fills in the number of weeks for his subscription."

95. Stripped-Down Products

Ben says... "A starter set or starter course is offered at a lower price if the customer has not responded to regular offers."

This list can really get the ideas flowing... and make more sales...

I don't need to tell you... the whole list of 101 different types of offers found in "7 Steps to Freedom II" is pure gold... If you are selling anything...!

Best wishes,


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