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Dien Rice
October 15, 2022, 11:38 PM
You may remember Kevin Trudeau's infomercials...

From "Mega Memory" in the early days, to "Natural Cures: Secrets They Don't Want You To Know About" in the 2000s (and others)...

Kevin Trudeau got in trouble because (according to the FTC) he made claims in his ads that weren't true...

For that, he got a 10 year jail sentence.

He served a little under 10 years, and was released in January this year (2022)...

(He also had an earlier two year jail sentence in the 1990s for credit card fraud...)

I've known about his release since around mid-year, and have been keeping an eye on it to see what he's going to do...

(I'm amazed at his ability to convince people of things...)

I'm not endorsing him... But I thought a few here might be interested in "tracking" what's happening... (If you don't consider the decade in jail, he was one of the most successful info-marketers out there...)

He seems to be a lot more low-key now than he was... As I understand it, he still owes the government tens of millions of dollars in fines...

He has two new books out...

"Nuggets of Gold for Total Success in Life" and "Nuggets of Gold for Happiness, Joy & Bliss"

(I haven't got copies, but I understand they are books of motivational quotes from him...)

Here are his websites that I've been able to find...




Having said that, I do not recommend following in his footsteps... Unless you want to do ten years in the "big house" like him...

But... You can learn from all sorts... including how they persuade... That's why I share it... :)

Just be sure to keep on the side of righteousness and lawfulness!

Best wishes,


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