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October 31, 2022, 11:21 PM
Thanks Dien,

So I take prospects to lunch.

I Thank Reward The Waiters and Waitresses IN FRONT of a Prospect.

Before the Menu Arrives.

People Become FASCINATED by the massive Impact. (Cooks come out of the Kitchen to bring your food. 3 or 4 Waiters Hover. The manager or the owner come over to say HI.


This guy bought my *Enchanted Sales System* after we ate lunch together.

Paul complained about 20k (each)cost of joining 3 country clubs to meet Financial Planning prospects.

I asked, "What do you say to them now?"

Paul pulls out this giant 3 by 5 gold metal card case.

Hands me a card.

I say, " Wow, its Huge"

(Paul smirks. "That's my sales pitch.")

I said, "Huh?"

I tell them how women BLUSH BEET RED after ladies also say, "Its HUGE" .

The prospect Laughs.

We have a beer Together.

We do business.

(That was Paul's entire sales system!)

HIS PROBLEM. Only 1 in 20 Went on to do business!

I said, "Watch what the waitress says to my questions. I'm going to get her hot buttons. Then get her to pay for my lunch.

She did.

Paul bought all 3 parts.

1- How to get Emotion Hot buttons

2- How to Invisibly Ask for moolah so you never get a " no*.

3- How to link a prospect to you so they buy over and over. Instead of from a competitor.


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