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November 10, 2022, 03:14 PM
Thanks Dien,

Every Neighbor I Hand Delivered the following Note to IS Laughing
and Waving at me.

Everybody I Email this Note to - on my List ASKS, "Where are my Wgt Loss SunGlasses?

Every Waiter or Waitress I TIP the Glasses to. And ASK Their Opinion of how UGLY the BLUE food is - Starts Sharing the Story with others.

Something about Turning OLD BORING Food into

Merry Christmas George & Janet,

Please Help Me Test These SunGlasses Before I Gift Them to My Brothers.


Japanese Scientists say These SunGlasses Make Food Look “UGLY & DISGUSTING”.

So Your Brain Gets A SHOCK when You eat BLUE Food.

You Eat Less.

You Lose Weight.

Please Let Me Know how You FEEL eating BLUE Scrambled Eggs, BLUE Pizza, BLUE Spaghetti.




TEST #3 - Yesterday I Wrote a Note Similar to The One at the TOP of this Page. Hand Deliver it to a New Neighbor.

For Several Months all we have done is WAVE at each other.

But Suddenly.

George Walks over And Talks for 45 Minutes!

a - George Tells me his Job. Sells Beds in the MD, PA, NY Areas
b - 11 Yr Old Daughter Janet
c - Older Daughter Betsy
d - GirlFriend - Mona
e - Son - Sam
f - Sam Is just Starting to Sell Copy Machines.
g - ***So I Tell George About the #1 Copy Machine Salesman in 3 States who Closes 80% with a Customer Audiotape he plays for Prospects.
h - ***I Also Share the Billion Dollar Aussie M&M Candy Jar System that Gets Appointments with CEO’s and Division Heads. h
i - George pulls out his phone. Gets my Ph And Email address.
k - Has me Repeat it THREE TIMES to make Sure he got it right.
l - Tells me he will send a TEST Email Right Away. To Double Check he got it right.

George says his Youngest Daughter is running around the house wearing the BLUE SUNGLASSES.

George Promises to Get Back to me after his Next BBQ Meal. On how Blue Food makes his family Feel.

MILE DEEP RAPPORT IS a Wonderful Thing.


P.S. - 1.00 Each so I am Giving them away along with LOTTO tickets.

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