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November 11, 2022, 09:31 AM
As I rock away...

Part time work. I've had scores of them. Today, I focus on the why of a few of them.

Companies I worked for include the Akron Auto Auction, Adesa Auto Auction, and American Auto Drive...a fun one.

If you've ever been to an auto auction, they pull the cars in every few minutes and the bidding is fast and furious, and over fast, car leaves, next one in.

I was one of the guys driving those cars. Did that at both auction houses, only like once a week, but the reason wasn't for the wonderful minimum wage...but to get a first peek, a look at what was up for auction that week. So my brother and I had a plan.

In addition to the on site driving during auction day, at Akron Auto, I also was part of a fleet team. We loaded a van up with 10 to 12 guys, drove to NY, NJ area and each driver was dropped off at a car to bring back to Akron. These cars were part of a fleet leasing program. For example, maybe a company like
Progressive had leased a fleet for it's New York sales force, and the lease was up.

So whichever auction house they worked with, would recover these and drive them back. It was cheaper than trying to bring them to one locale and put on trucks, that was very expensive.

Again, the pay wasn't the thing, it was because we knew fleets were well maintained, and even with 200k on the car, minimum parts and replacements and they went at auction for well under blue book.

My most exciting job as a driver, I drove a Pontiac Trans Am like the one in Smoky and the Bandit, from LA to NYC in 3 days, no speed records, of course, but there were times I let it all out.

I actually did that several times when I was young, stupid and traveling.

I liked to drive back then.

Anyhow, as I rock back to nostalgia times...my point was/is...part time gigs, even at minimum wage can give you insights and education into industries, nothing like being an INSIDER.

So, we flipped cars for several years, and I adhere to the principle I wrote about in Sprint to Freedom...buy over there, sell over here. Even the big Auto Auctions use the same principle. Just an opinion, everyone should flip at least one or two cars a year, and it is dirt simple too...BIG DEMAND, and unlimited (mostly) supply. Some very rich guys in USA happen to be auto dealers.

Speaking of driving, other jobs I've had: Driving instructor for SEARS E-Z METHOD, specializing in teens and old people (cause they were the hardest and no one else wanted them).

Jewelry courier. In fact, courier in general, worked for 3 different courier companies, amazing what needs to be taken down the road NOW!

I had a friend work in a Wendy's part-time for a year, THEN, he became a manager, regional and then a co-owner, and part of business that had scores of fast food chains under their roof. From minimum wage, to 100k a year.

So, if you have an interest in anything, consider working in that area to see the inner workings.

If I were younger, I'd be in TESLA, learning all I could.


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