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December 16, 2022, 07:01 PM
Thanks Dien, Gordon,

In Our "Billionaire Watching Club" We've Discovered 27 self made Billionaires ALL using the SAME Exact Secret Psychology to Sell --Post-Pandemic.

ONE OF THESE Invisible Secret Psychology Systems is.

Dr Milton Erickson's -
"Get 1 Person EXCITED About Money and You Excite Everyone In Ear and Eye Shot & They Pay You Money."

My retired CIA Friend - CIA-SAM
is Spying on a Beverly Hills CLUB that Charges 100K a year.

He Reports Each 100K member of the NightClub Gets a Bucket of Money Dumped
on their Table to use As TIPS for The Cocktail Waitresses.


Which I call "The $ FAN." PHOTO BELOW -

Here is How We Adapted This Billion Dollar Idea
to The REST of us Can Make Munny with it.

STEP I - Bring a Prospect or Co-Worker to Lunch.
STEP II - Collect 10 -- 1.00 Bills.
STEP III - Buy 6 or 8 1.00 Size Instant Scratch off LOTTO Tickets

SPREAD them out on the table.
Hold them Up at Drive Thru Or Food {pickup Windows)

(INSIDE a Restaurant at a Table You - HOLD UP a Buck And a Lotto Ticket.
(Before the food Arrives You Say, "Is it ok with You If I Start Tipping You Before The Meal. (DUH YES)


"Which One do You Want as a Tip. $1 Bill or LOTTO ticket.

Yup - This is a CRAZY WAY to MAKE MONEY.

The More Excited The Waiter or Waitress Gets The Better.


***Because a Giggling, Laughing Waitress Is Giving You Great Service.
***Extra Food..
***Visits from 5 Pretty Girls Who Have GAMBLING FEVER.
***ALL gathered around your Table. BECUZ NOBODY Else is Tipping with LOTTO tickets ALL Thru The Meal.

(5 or 6 Lotto Tickets Often Gets You 15 or 20.00 of Extra Food.)
The Waiter is trying his Best to THANK YOU!

YOUR GUEST notices patrons from Nearby Tables Come over to Chat - Like Long Lost Friends.

AND your Guests Start ASKING You Permission to Hand You Money.
Buy Lunch.

***Lunch is on me. Teach me how to Do this.

***You Got 2X More Food than Me And I Paid 3X as Much.

***How Come You Got a Free Dessert?

***I had to Pay for Soup and Salad. But the Waiter is Bringing You Free Soup
Every time I get another Bowl.

CLIENTS REPORT that Customers and Prospects they Bring to Lunch And
Use the "MONEY FAN" in front of - ASK to Eat Lunch with them again. AND Sign Up or Buy their MLM Program or New Widget.

NO Robot Ai is Ready to do this.


SPITTING MAD - HORROR STORY about Robot Answering Machines in USA.

I Just Bought New Glasses from a National Brand Company
because The 1st National Brand Company's AI or Robot.

MADE ME Screaming MAD.

No kidding. I was Yelling at the phone.

The Robot Could Not Understand (Is your name spelled Glen - "NO" and is this The correct Phone # - "YES" and When I Did Get thru to MY Question. "IS my appointment Still The On Schedule?"

Alice the Robot says, "Sorry. Couldn't Find that Information.


I Just Wasted 15 Minutes of my Life!

I googled. Made a Phone call to a Competitor who answered the phone with a LIVE PERSON. Made an appointment and spent 300 bucks.

I Hope Company #1 ROTS.


P.S. - Speaking about The Value of Robotic Copywriting. No robot Could Have Written This Post!

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