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January 6, 2023, 07:04 PM
3 things to see.

Buy one, or all, if you want to see what a first HOTSHEET style information product looks like.

Now that they have something in the market, we'll develop a long term strategy, and chances are, these first projects may not have anything to do with what we plan to go ahead with.

Got bad knees like Me?


Want 10 Million like Jim Carrey?


All things free to start IM

Business Card Connections Hotsheet

Link here as soon as I get it.

These are the type of quick and easy little information products which can get you off to a fast start. I allow 10 days from the decision on the topic to having it posted in the marketplace. Allowed a bit more for the holidays.

Going forward, 10 days from the time we agree upon a topic to have the product and promotion ready to go. I do this to get off to a fast start.

To overcome procrastination, and overthinking. Once a person sees what an Hotsheet type or mini report looks like, they think, "Oh, I can do that, and do a better job than Gordon." Yes, yes you can.

You can do a better job than me because you know the subject matter better than I do.

So this is the fast start 10 day result, as you will see if you buy one or a couple of them...GOOD information, auto vended, low cost, huge markets all that. If you have feedback about any of the PROMOTIONS, we'd love to hear what you think.


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