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January 8, 2023, 10:17 AM
Do you have a sense of urgency to your work?

Not the stress/anxiety of meeting a deadline to get the reports filed (did you get the memo?)...but an urgency of excitement, and expectation?

That is what I like to see. Urgency of excitement and expectation.

Over at the Warrior Forum, you can see a lot of desperation, and it is rare one can build anything sustainable out of that.

At the other end is SOME DAY, and I have far too many of those ideas sitting on my own desk to cast too many stones at you all.

Between an idea that someday, I will get around to it, and the bare feet standing on the hot coals of desperation...there is a calmer place, albeit, one of activity.

This is the urgency I like to have and see in other people, the need to see results as fast as possible, for proof of concept or check point on a start up list.

Followed by a plan, which allows for adjustment and tweaking, but with a NOW attitude attached. If there is a glitch, I want to get to it NOW. If possible.

And there is almost always a glitch. Of some kind.

So, examine your own relationships, maybe like me, if the people around you don't show a sense of urgency, I don't either.

I don't want drama, panic, desperate types around me, but at the same time, I do like busy people, who are meeting deadlines, especially those self imposed ones, with a sense of it being important in their lives at the moment.

If not, ok. Someday. I know the feeling. When I have the time, THEN, I will get to it.

Gordon (Mr. urgency) Alexander

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