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January 14, 2023, 04:04 PM
Tonjiro The Demon-Slayer,
Says, GRRRR,
Tonjiro is Covered w/Fur,
So He Never Goes, "BRRRR."

Thanks Dien/Gordon,

Took a Client to Lunch.

Noticed the coed RedHead Waitress had an odd Necklace.

I said, "What is the name of the CAT on Your Necklace?"

RedHead says, "I'd rather not say."

Teasing - I held up a LOTTO ticket. How about if I BRIBE you for the Cat's name?
We are on a Roll. Just had a waiter at the _______ Restaurant WIN 10 Bucks!

Red Says, "Ok. This is ***Tonjiro The Demon Slayer.*** My Favorite MANGA.

"Red" Leaves to get our drinks.

I tell my Guest Ted.

"QUICK. Help me Write a Poem about Tonjiro the Demon Slayer!

Ted Says, "HUH?

When Red Comes Back I hand her another lotto ticket. "How many cooks in the Kitchen? So I can TIP them too?"

Red - "THREE.

I hand her 3 Lotto tickets.

"Ok Ted What Rhymes with Slayer?

Brrr - that's good.

Fur - That works

Grrrr - Bingo.

I Write the Poem on a 3 by 5 Card.

RED comes Back with the Menus.

I say, "I Wrote a Poem for You About TONJIRO The Demon Slayer."

Red Grabs it.


Face GLOWING. She jumps up and down a bit.

Hops and Skips Back to the Kitchen.

My Client orders Potato Soup and a couple Slices of Pizza.

I get Crab soup and Fries and Onion Rings.
(Veggie Sides)

A SMILING "Red" Comes Back to our Table. "BAD NEWS. The cooks Burned Your Pizza. So here is a Free Pizza - on The house."

AND I got Huge Plates full of Fries and Onion Rings. (Had to ask for a Box to Take them home. Enough Food for a small army.)


Ted Says, "Since mine is Free. Let me pick up the cost of your food."

14.99 Bucks

Ted Excitedly Chatters away with "Red", The Manager. The cook who brought my food from The Kitchen. And a Couple waiters I tip as they walk by.

Ted Follows me to a Nearby Grocery Store in His BMW.

Insists on Buying my groceries.

10.00 of Oranges
Chicken Thighs
Strawberry iceCream

40 Bucks or so.

40 plus 15 = 55.00

AND Ted and I are now Talking about Doing some Marketing Biz together.


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