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January 15, 2023, 12:36 PM
First two week stats about sports gambling in Ohio are pouring in.

For the first time, online sports betting is now legal in Ohio, and since its launch at the start of the year, has skyrocketed with more than 11.3 million transactions recorded over New Year’s weekend.

Today's Bengals vs Ravens game will probably break the bank.

And WHEN Texas gets around tuit, then the GOLD rush continues.

Anyhow. Win some, lose some.

My lottery pals are bummed someone in Maine won the billion +, as if the 10 million they could win today, is somehow NOT a big deal. Gamblers....YIKES.

Put it all on the Browns next year to win Super Bowl. It is a LOCKE. Guaranteed.

Current waves building to large swells, are, all things HOME BUSINESS and making money online, due to recession and of course, it is a result of all the Presidents keeping top secret files in their sock drawers, isn't it?

2 to 1, the inflation continues into a recession, any takers?


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