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January 16, 2023, 10:36 AM
Bencivenga is my all time fav.
He is/was great, for the products he hawked.
Neither of those guys looked for easy to sell products, BECAUSE, of the markets. When trying to extract a lot of money from "investor" types, disposable income crowds, high end...

there needs to be a real skin in the game feel, as you know it is what those investor type information products do (did??).

Those are high profile, look who I'm standing next to today types, and for some of us, joining in the campfire songfest, just was never the right thing to do.

Sure many made great money, millions, maybe even 100 million, and if that is the motivation, by all means go where the biggest slice of lemmings live and help them to cliffside.

For many of us, without the need for public affection and adoration, there are tons of niches, boatloads of markets, gazillions of things to sell without the need for hype, persuasion, influence, salesmanship...

Although, having those skills, if AWARENESS of when to use them is also present, doesn't hurt.

Shrunken heads. Potato guns. Chinese Yo-yos. Etch-a-sketch. Oil with a spout. Fortunes made. Without the fanfare, noise, and award shows.


Hi Gordon,

Although it's not the same, it reminds me of this...

"Look for easy-to-sell products and avoid marketing challenges - the payoffs may not be worth the time and effort. I learned this the hard way."


That's from Doug D'Anna, a successful copywriter, especially in the financial space. He says it's one of the lessons he learned from Gary Bencivenga, another very successful copywriter...

Sometimes the ego wants a hard challenge - to "prove" yourself!

But... from a money-making point of view, the best fruit to pick are the low-hanging fruit! Why give up easy pickings?

A hard lesson for me to learn too (and I'm still learning it)!

Best wishes,


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