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Millard Grubb
January 19, 2023, 06:29 AM
Recently news came out from the World Economic Forum which is m meeting in Switzerland right now that the Saudis will now accept all currencies for settling oil transactions.

Why should that concern us?

The foundation of the value of the dollar is the so-called Petrodollar status, in which the US agreed to protect the Saudi kingdom in exchange for the Saudis demanding US dollars for all oil transactions settlements.

This arrangement is now coming to an end.

Who knows what will happen next.

This may mean that our dollars won't be worth much too much longer. We can already see that prices are going up and up and up everywhere.

If you have skills that you can trade or items people want, this might be the time to start looking more into using barter for things you want. If things get bad what can you trade?

Besides things getting more expensive, we've seen what has happened to the supply chain. The time is now to develop deeper relationships with neighbors and business owners and see how you can help them.

What can you trade?

Just about anything. Jay Abraham told about the broke cruise line that just had one ship and the cruise line was so strapped for cash that they only painted one side of the ship and that side is what people saw. The cruise line traded cruises and then converted to cash.

Frankly, Jay Abraham trades his services for just about anything.

I used barter with a local meat company to get a boatload of meat. The meat company wanted to get more customers and make more sales. I created some ads and other marketing materials for them. As a result, we got a freezer full of meat as well as special cuts of meat to pick up for several months.

The key is to talk to folks and see what they want or need. When you can give it to them, you're in business.

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