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Dien Rice
January 27, 2023, 08:11 AM
Hi Millard!

Great post!

For some reason, your post made me think of "lumpy mail" promotions...

"Lumpy mail" is when someone receives mail... But it's not your usual, flat envelope.

Instead, it's obviously "lumpy" - there's something "lumpy" inside it!

The curiosity as to what it is gets people to open it up and pay attention!

I've thought for a long time as to whether there's an email equivalent to "lumpy mail"...

The closest I've been able to come up with is to use an attention-getting picture in your email...

I've experimented a little with this - but I should do more!

I would say my experiments were successful... But again, I need to do more of it...

When I've done this, I've often tried to use a picture that's humorous... (But not in an offensive way! Usually something a little silly...)

Thanks for triggering this thought, Millard!

Best wishes,


Often are the times I have used wild and crazy packages to get in the door to a business I wanted to help.

However, I was thinking... how could someone do this face-to-face without looking crazy.

I was thinking that a HOT SHEET with a few crazy or outrageous marketing examples MIGHT work. (These examples have GOT to be ones that actually worked for a business at some time)

The other way might be to introduce yourself at a networking event as a person who uses "Outrageous Marketing" to get things done. And then give examples.

You can tell that I like to use unusual ways to make sales. :)

I've always believed that in order to STAND OUT, you must do something DIFFERENT... so people remember you. I once created something special for Fran Tarkenton who I met for breakfast as a guest of a friend. Fran then gave me his personal number and said he wanted to hear from me.

Doing something special and making someone know that you care about them is a way to build rapport and open their minds. I remember years ago at a Dale Carnegie lesson (I was taking the entire several week course) to find something about the person that you can truly say something good about... it is very helpful. And a good thing to do.

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