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Millard Grubb
January 24, 2023, 03:32 PM
Often are the times I have used wild and crazy packages to get in the door to a business I wanted to help.

However, I was thinking... how could someone do this face-to-face without looking crazy.

I was thinking that a HOT SHEET with a few crazy or outrageous marketing examples MIGHT work. (These examples have GOT to be ones that actually worked for a business at some time)

The other way might be to introduce yourself at a networking event as a person who uses "Outrageous Marketing" to get things done. And then give examples.

You can tell that I like to use unusual ways to make sales. :)

I've always believed that in order to STAND OUT, you must do something DIFFERENT... so people remember you. I once created something special for Fran Tarkenton who I met for breakfast as a guest of a friend. Fran then gave me his personal number and said he wanted to hear from me.

Doing something special and making someone know that you care about them is a way to build rapport and open their minds. I remember years ago at a Dale Carnegie lesson (I was taking the entire several week course) to find something about the person that you can truly say something good about... it is very helpful. And a good thing to do.

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