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February 8, 2023, 01:35 AM
Thanks Dien,

Just so you know.

Everything I Send as a THANK YOU REWARD has been Tested Face to Face.

When I Tip.

BEFORE the Meal.

During The Meal.

If a waiter or Waitress Chooses "an Test Item" Instead of a 1.00 tip. Or a Lotto Ticket Tip.

Then that Item has PIZZAZZ.

*Wgt Loss SunGlasses* have QUANTUM PIZZAZZ.

(The Waiter Runs all over the Restaurant Showing and Telling everybody his BLUE GLASSES.)

So While buying a Plastic Brick Wall - You Build Yourself. "L**ggo Style) (Which has cut my Fuel oil bill to ZERO cuz I shut off the Furnace)

And My Electric Bill by 50%

I PROMISED Janet I was going to Buy her a Case of "Wgt Loss SunGlasses."

I Did So from amazon.com

Then I Forwarded a Copy of the ORDER SLIP to Janet.


I Told her (Emailed a Thank You Note) The MAGIC WORDS to Say when Giving Away the 1.00 each Blue SunGlasses.

"Crazy Japanese Company says, "Blue Food is not found in Nature - except BlueBerries.
So Blue Food SHOCKS Your Brain.
Looks UGLY.
You Eat Less.
You Lose Wgt.

I Built my Plastic Wall. So I can Heat My Family room and Kitchen ONLY. Shut doors to the Rest of the House. And with my Plastic Wall done.

I Am WARM but Shut off my Furnace.

AND then another Box Arrived.

23 - foot long Bricks at 7.00 each = $161

Janet sent me a FREE Extra Box of Plastic Bricks.

More Proof.

The Blue Glasses are BEYOND PIZZAZZ.


P.S. - Here is The Link to the "Wgt Loss SunGlasses" if YOU Want to Give Them Away as Thank You Rewards too.


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